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Main Motorsports: Winnipeg's One-Stop-Shop for Repair & Service

Have you ever watched one of those reality shows where a couple of skinny guys with tattoos build an amazing hot rod, rebuild an engine, or create an incredible custom motorcycle in one hour (not counting commercials?) Well, while it's not quite that easy, Main Motorsports has been making magic in the Winnipeg area since 1996.

But it didn't all begin in 1996. Our history and background go back to the 1970s, to a time when there were 50 snowmobile companies and the motorcycle industry was in the midst of a superbike war. Each company claiming to make the fastest and most powerful machine on the planet - with one being unveiled every month.

We have wrenched, we have raced and we have rebuilt. We've repaired crashed bikes and snowmobiles with twisted tunnels. We saw ATVs grow from 3 wheeled mini-bikes to the monsters they are today. We did it all. And we still do to
this day!

At Main Motorsports, we find the term "one-stop-shop" is often overused, but it's fairly appropriate in describing what we do. We can repair or tune your machine, and order and install replacement or performance parts. We'll equip you with riding gear from your head to your toes.

Our Services

  • Maintenance 

  • Repair

  • Restoration

  • Parts

  • Accessories

  • Performance

  • Welding

  • Machining

  • Cylinder Boring

  • Crank Shaft Repair/Rebuild

  • Fabrication

caring staff

A Staff in Love with Motorsports

Main Motorsports has been serving motorsport enthusiasts in Winnipeg since 1996. Driven by our passion for recreational motorsports, our team strives to provide you with the best service. Each of our team members has been involved in riding and racing motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs. We continue to learn from our experiences and pass our knowledge on to you.

Quality Parts, Accessories & Repair

It helps that we see things from your perspective: We ride, we race, we get down in the dirt! We have the same passion for motorsports as you, so we understand your expectations for quality. That's why we treat every job from the simplest oil change to a complete rebuild like we're working on our own! Although we contribute to today's fast-paced world, we are proud to offer good, old-fashioned customer service and quality products at great prices

quality parts
custom modifications

Racing Modifications, Custom Welding & More

Our machine shop offers the expertise and quality you are looking for. With more than 20 years' experience, we repair all makes and models of motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. We also offer custom machining, racing modifications and welding. 

Stop by & See Us

Every city worth its salt has the one shop that enthusiasts talk about - the one shop that the respected expert you know talks with pride of knowing the owners. The shop that resurrected that glorious vintage superbike you saw at the coffee shop. Main Motorsports is that shop.

Are we fussy? Yes.
Do we cost a bit more? Maybe.
Is it worth it in the long run? Absolutely.

Whether you are shopping around for parts, new tires or want to discuss your custom project, trust in our expertise. We look forward to serving you so stop by and see us today. 

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