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For reliable repairs & service for your motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile, count on us

Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles, and More in Winnipeg: Main Motorsports

Every year, we work on countless machines and we know how much the owners of these babies love their toys. We'll be honest with you and give you a reasonable idea when a project like yours can be taken on and if it will work into your budget.

Old bikes and old sleds are like old people: they tend to be fussy and need a lot of attention. A restoration is a huge project and, while we don't custom paint or have someone on staff to polish every nut and bolt, we can see to the engine, transmission, chassis and electrical - the heart and soul of your machine. We'll do the "heavy lifting," getting your project on the road so you can start enjoying, and even point you in the right direction for the finishing touches and cosmetic details you might want done.



Winnipeg has a history of speed. From the early days of Bison Speedway and Keystone Drag Strip, we've been around. We've competitively raced some of the fastest machines in the province. Want one? We'll sell you one! Want us to build you one? Can do!

We can also get you the parts you need to make your machine the best it can be such as headers, big bore kits, performance ignition systems and lightweight batteries - over the counter or installed on your bike, sled or ATV.

Main Motorsports vs. the Internet

We all love to save money and sometimes the internet is a wonderful place to get cheap goods at low prices. However, there are downsides - several in fact:

•  Exchange is a killer. Our Canuck buck has been suffering! Ordering online can be complicated and stressful while handling the exchange, postage and, in some cases, duty. Many people, given the chance, would have simply ordered from us rather than going the online route. 

•  Many people who order online play a waiting game. Some online sellers will tell you "Sorry, that item is on's going to be 4 to 6 weeks."

•  She's "Damaged Goods!" Nothing is worse than waiting all that time for your part to arrive only to find a dent in the header, your gaskets folded into origami, or even worse, the wrong part number.

Main Motorsports vs. Internet
See Our Selection

See Our Selection

We have everything to keep you going in the snow, dirt or the open road

Get Directions

Get Directions

Located on Main Street, just inside the North Perimeter Highway

Order Parts & Accessories

Avoid the hassle of returns or begging for refunds and let Main Motorsports order the parts and accessories you need. Who knows? We might even have what you need in stock.


Main Motorsports

3090 Main Street,
Winnipeg, MB, R2V 4R9

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